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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Gravity in the Turbolift-shaft? If you're smart you keep the shaft DEVOID of gravity. That way you don't have to fight gravity with the lift propulsion itself. You also don't have to fear the lift falling down and killing everyone inside (or in the shaft) should something bad happen the lifts propulsion and anchors. You put the gravity IN the lift (cabin) ITSELF. That way it doesn't matter one bit how the lift changes position or angle as it zips about, to the people inside, up remains up, and down remains down. Indeed, it would also help putting any inertial dampers inside the lift, so it can zip around as fast or slow as possible without the people inside being reduced to meat patties.
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What the idiots in STV and TNG era did, writers, in universe engineering fools, or what not is not my concern. Anyone who can control gravity like the Star Trek folks can, are not going to build a lift shaft with gravity.
In-universe continuity disagrees with you.
I mean, your idea would be the intelligent one, but we have seen that the shafts have gravity, and that is how it is - untill other writers contradict it.
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