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Re: Instead of being cancelled why wasn't ENT moved to SciFi?

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Seriously, I've heard enough about this piece of shit to know I won't be happy with it.
These idiots should have picked one or the other: a straight prequel or a straight reboot.
Whatever they decided to do, they shouldn't have done this:
and try to imply to hardcore fans that this is supposed to be the same ship we saw in the original series.
I don't think they care about hardcore fans. I know that if I was spending that much on a movie I would not worry about the few hardcore Star Trek fans that are left. Especially with their constant screaming about everything canon. If the movie is a success there will be a new generation of Star Trek fans and that is good for all of Star Trek. As a moderate Star Trek fan I can say without hesitation that I have no desire to see the same old outdated designed of the ship from TOS. Forget what was done in the 60's and give me a ship that looks like it may actually be designed in the future.
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