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Re: Telepathic Combinations - Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid?

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-I also wonder, if Lwaxana is "High" on the Bell Curve of Telepathic Abilities, then does that mean she is capable of reading emotions as clearly as Deana (It was never clear if to me if Betazoid Telepaths had Empathic Senses as well) or the Motor Cortex
as Konya does?
It's all a question of which aspects of the brain's activity you focus your senses on. Empathy and motor-cortex reading are both easier than telepathy because they're reading more basic, universal aspects of neural activity, things that you don't need a high "resolution" in order to discern. With the higher resolution of telepathy, the ability to discern actual thoughts, reading the emotions associated with them would be easy.

However, I doubt a telepath of Lwaxana's strength would've developed Konya's motor-sensing skills, due to lack of need. She can sense the intent directly, so she wouldn't need to train herself in the workaround of sensing the muscle impulse. By analogy, people without working hands can train their toes to incredible dexterity to compensate, but those of us who can and do rely on our hands generally have very weak toes because we don't need to use them.
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