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Re: Superman: The Reboot --- Its offcial

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Well, if they're going to go darker, which doesn't fit with (my admittedly limited) knowledge of Superman, I hope they at least use the lightness of Superman as a counterpoint to the dark world around. Otherwise, why even use the character?
My favorite Superman is the 1930s and early 1940s version who lived in a world easily as brutal and dangerous as Batman's. Many (most?) stories took place in literal darkness, with the figurative variety of the same never far off. Early Superman stories regularly featured bitter, heartless murder, and Superman (then called the Champion of the Oppressed as often as the Man of Steel) spent most of his time trying to defeat killers, swindlers, and otherwise vicious persons. In Lex Luthor's first appearances (he was only Luthor at the time, not Lex), he indifferently killed roughly as many persons as the Joker gleefully did in his early showings.

Superman's world was fairly dark until the Golden Age of comics ended. But unlike Batman, who was returned to his roots in the 80s, Superman has never escaped the brightness set upon him in the Silver Age.
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