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Re: Telepathic Combinations - Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid?

^A few notes...

1.) I meant Surak not Sarek... It was late, so apologies.

2.) I didn't think she did, but I read something about secret mental teachings leading to telekinesis on either Memory-Alpha in the "Apocrypha" or Memory Beta, so I thought I'd ask, as I didn't remember any of that myself.

3.) In regards to Konya, when I said lacking any real telepathic ability, I meant just what you said. He lacks the range of other telepathic abilities save for his ability to sense the motor cortex...

-I also wonder, if Lwaxana is "High" on the Bell Curve of Telepathic Abilities, then does that mean she is capable of reading emotions as clearly as Deana (It was never clear if to me if Betazoid Telepaths had Empathic Senses as well) or the Motor Cortex
as Konya does?

-No one willing to postulate on a Vulcan/Betazoid Hybrid?
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