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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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If I were to do a redesign of the TOS Enterprise I would have it look similar to the NX-01 but still have a secondary haul underneath. I still think they should maintain from Jefferies' design though but I'm just explaining how I would design it if I was asked to do a redesign different from Jefferies'.
Today I too would use the NX-01 design elements to re-design the TOS-Enterprise, tomorrow I would probably use those of the new movie-TOS-Enterprise.
My tastes and interestes shift quite a lot in that regard. And I have no problem with up-dating an old design.

But then, the NX-01 is also a sore point for some here.
Shall I tell the new people here about the 'Conestoga-conspiracy', Cary?
Well, I googled Conestoga and came across this:

Which I have to say is the most awesome looking Star Trek ship I've ever seen. But I don't understand how this is related to the subject we're are talking about nor do I want to get off track on this thread so I'll figure out whatever this 'conspiracy' is eventually.

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