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Re: Superman: The Reboot --- Its offcial

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Like I said in another thread, I would have liked to have seen a continuation to Superman Returns under the direction of Bryan Singer but I am open to a new interpretation.
Has your love of The Dark Knight tempered your love for this franchise?
Not at all. I really, really enjoyed Superman Returns. It's one of my favorite comic-book films of all time. I can't tell you how bummed I was to hear that Jeff Robinov wants to start over. Alas, I can't change the world. I'm not going to throw a hissy fit just because we're not getting a sequel.

I view it like the situation with Ang Lee's Hulk. I enjoyed that movie very much, and while I was skeptical and cautious over a reboot, I enjoyed The Incredible Hulk very much as well. I have no problems with different interpretations of the same character, as long as they're good.
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