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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Yeah, yeah, I know it's not science. I was speaking in context of the fictional Star Trek.
But the point is, in the context of the fictional Star Trek the right answer to that changes depending on what the story needs are. The tech isn't consistent.
Absolutely true. Some stories have made it clear that every car has its own independent gravity system on-board, for that matter... and it only makes sense (though TNG and ST-V contradicted this) that you wouldn't have gravity at ALL in the turboshafts.

Remember, all I said here was what I would have done "in 1964/65" has I been there working with MJ. I'd have kept the design exactly as it is, including keeping fairly "graceful" interconnecting structures (as opposed to big, chunky bulky ones) but tried to increase strength in the directions that you'd see the greatest stresses applied.

Oh, and... I got a private email a few moments ago reminding me that there had been a Starfleet ship with the general dorsal connection scheme I mentioned previous to my coming up with it earlier. Seems that in the old game "Klingon Academy" there's a ship called the "Ulysses" class dreadnought. I was provided with these pictures of it... this is a bit broader and flatter than what I had in mind and I don't care for the "clump" near where the two dorsals come together, but it does show how this sort of thing might look in 3D.

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