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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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I'm aware of artificial gravity but I didn't know you could change it in specific parts of the ship without affecting the rest of the ship. What about having simply one wide and thick neck not like the ugly Galaxy class but like the Excelsior class?
You could do that but, to my sense of style, that would be less graceful.
Ah, function following form. Watch that slope, 'tis slippery.
Right now, you and Sheridan are having a real conversation with me... please don't "follow suit" with those who just want to play "chest-beating territorialist." There's no need to be even a little bit snide.

I did not, and HAVE NOT EVER, suggested that I think that the design of the 1701 should be changed. What I said, which was very clearly stated, was that "if I had been there in the beginning, this is what I would have done" and the reason I gave was "because the apparent mechanical fragility of the design is the one legitimate criticism of it which I've seen." So, what I threw out, above, is simply a way to keep things as close to the original MJ intent and style as possible while addressing that legitimate complaint.

So, it's not a "slippery slope" really. What I want to see on-screen is the 1701 which we all know, not what I just presented. You know what I said and you know what I meant, don't you? Please don't join in the "oooo... we see an opening... go for blood!" thing a few other folks are trying to get started here, OK?
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