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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

Not M'Ress (not unless she got "devolved" somehow), but why choke the forum with new thread's when this one will do?

The base figure actually a werewolf available at DAZ, but with the morphs so far provided, I was able to warp the muzzle into something marginally feline. I'll be able to improve upon it when another merchant releases a new set of controls that create lions, and tigers, and bears (Oh, my! ) and other other mammals associated with various lycanthropy myths.

To make this beastie resemble Larry Niven's (in)famous Kzinti, I swapped the included tail for a third party prop (modeled and rigged by my friend Little_Dragon) which, as you cab see here, can be morphed int a rat-like tail. I shrunk the existing ears into the mesh of the head and positioned, get this, dragon wings to achieve the bat wing appearance Niven described in his various novels. To keep this semi Trek related, I stood the "rat-cat" upon Ptrope's TOS era transporter pad.

I can almost "hear" one of the various musical "stings" used in the original series as the Kzin materializes upon the platform, particularly the one used when Gary Seven first beamed aboard.


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