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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Waitaminute... am I missing something, or aren't you one of the guys who was saying that the ship is GOING to look different in this new movie, and that you welcome the change?
I was.
I do.
Why the confusion?

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I'm not saying I want to change the original at all... I see it as "established art" and as such I think it should be left alone. I only discussed what I'd have done differently AT THE TIME, had I been there in the mid-1960s working alongside MJ.
So, you do want to change 'established art'

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And as for how any of that would "destroy the elegance" of the design... I don't agree in any way. SO... prove it. I'm not able to do the graphics stuff I'd need to right now, but later on, I might. But maybe you can do a quick markup of what you think I'm talking about and show us all how it would "look worse" while far more extensive changes were made for the TMP ship which you seem to like even MORE than you like the TOS ship (if memory serves).
I'm not going to put any effort in the sheer butchering of the Enterprise you would like to have done.

The changes made to the Enterprise for Phase II, and later TMP, made the design even more visually pleasing, more elegant - great work by great designers, who knew what they had to do to improve the design without destroying or disregarding it. They knew when they had to let form be form and to ignore function.
Okay, then... I get it.

This isn't about you wanting to discuss the topic. You're trying to pick a fight.

Third time in a little over a week (since I was posting my personal political thoughts in another discussion) that someone has tried to do that.

This happened once before, too. And that time I eventually let some folks get me mad through the "let's pick a fight with Cary and then all hit 'report' at once" game. And I got a single warning which resulted a supposed "one day ban" which nevertheless somehow "mistakenly" ended up lasting for about six weeks.

Knock it off. If you want to discuss the topic, fine... let's discuss. But if you want to just try to start a fight... which your post, above, makes VERY clear is the case... that's called "Trolling" and you need a warning for it.
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