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Re: "Superman Returns Again" still in limbo...

WB seem to be missing the point here. As Jackson points out, dark worked for Batman because Bats is a dark character. Superman is the light to that darkness. One of the biggest complaints lobbed at SR was the downbeat mood. Not every movie needs to be as down or grim as TDK. Look at the success of Iron Man - a feelgood,light-hearted movie, which pleased pretty much everyone. Sure, no-one wants the next Superman movie to be like Batman and Robin or Superman III, but it has to find its own tone, not be a clone of TDK.

It's looking increasingly unlikely, but I still would like to see Routh return, albeit with a spunkier and older Lois and a more menacing, sinister Lex. Off the top of my head, Elizabeth Banks and Stanley Tucci?!
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