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Re: If you could erase five bands from ever having existed

Hmmm tough choice.

Nirvana, definitely. Really don't get what the fuss is about there, they're utterly shocking.
Franz Ferdinand, for starting an annoying trend of nu-boyband all-sound-the-same-indie-crap in British music. Or if it wasn't them who started it, whoever did.
Aerosmith - Utterly, utterly bad, they have never been good. And without them perhaps Walk This Way wouldn't be on every radio station.
Limp Bizkit, for wrecking my early teens by being, at the time, 'cool'. And for Behind Blue Eyes The Shit Version.
Nine Inch Nails - I love Hurt, so it really pains me to say this. But everything else they've produced has made me cringe. I'd be prepared to sacrifice Hurt (or hope Johnny Cash would come up with it by himself ) to lose the rest of their catalogue.
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