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Re: Sci-fi greenlights STARGATE: UNIVERSE

Just fan speculation as far as I know, but it seems reasonable.

I really, really don't know about this show. Atlantis was more dramatic, tense, and interesting when it was cut off from Earth, but the writers clearly didn't know what to do with that premise, so they killed it after only a season. The show hasn't been nearly as good since. How long will it take them to jettison the idea on Universe?

And who will be part of the cast? Will they port over a guest star from Atlantis or SG-1 (a la McKay and Weir), or try and go in a totally new direction?

And will every planet in this distant (and getting even more distant every episode) include the Renaissance Fair and pine trees? Will the people speak English? Will they be human? And how will they be able to string together continuing story-lines when every first meeting is essentially the last?

It all sounds like Stargate: Voyager to me, and Stargate has already been under a serious brain drain for 4 years. I'm very cautious about this new series.
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