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Re: Telepathic Combinations - Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid?

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I've always assummed that all Vulcan's had the ability to Meld though to differing degrees. Some might not have even been aware of their potential and it just lay dormant. The stigma associated with being a melder obviously made being open to or indulging oneself in the practice less than desirable.
My assumption is that the "melders" are just people who had an inborn knack for it, whereas others needed training to develop the ability. Since the society discouraged such training, the majority of Vulcans wrongly assumed they couldn't meld at all.

But afterwards with Sarek himself known as a melder, touch telepathy became a more wide-spread ability in possession and practice.
Sarek? Do you mean Soval? I'd assume the change came about following the rediscovery of the Kir'Shara, when the Syrannites pretty much ended up in charge of the reformist government (or so it appeared). The Kir'Shara itself, Surak's true writings, may have contained material about melding that dispelled the myth of its rarity and stigma.

Some like Lwaxana Troi are very powerful (Did she use telekinesis at one point?)
No, she never did that.

Then you've got others like Rennan Konya who is Betazoid but lacks any real telepathic ability instead reading the motor cortex of others.
That is a real telepathic ability. He uses the same senses that other Betazoids use, but he's "nearsighted," as it were. In any population, there's going to be a range of different abilities. Lwaxana is toward the high end of the bell curve of Betazoid telepathic strength and skill, while Rennan is toward the low end. He's compensated for this deficiency by training himself to focus on a type of brain activity that's easier to read than cognitive thought.
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