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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

chardman wrote: View Post
Bullshit. I defy you to point out any design element that is inherently dated in any way.
Cary L. Brown wrote: View Post
Every time that this comes up, I always ask the same question as was asked of you... to define SPECIFIC THINGS which are "dated." And there has never once been a serious attempt to actually answer that.
A design is more than the sum of its parts and I think you both know that. The question is disingenuous because I'm sure you can find a modern example of any one specific thing that someone attempts to toss out.

Lets take the satellite dish as an example. I'm sure that comes to mind for a lot of people when you say "dated things on the original Enterprise." It'd take you about 5 minutes to go outside and take a picture of a satellite dish and post it saying "This dish is no more than 5 years old."

Big deal. It's all the little things like that taken together that make it obvious that the design is 60s era.

That being said, I will now agree with you on at least one level. I am 25 years old and I think the original design can work on the big screen with little changes. Why? Because industrial design can be cyclical too. I have on my desk a shiny new (less than a year old anyway) Mac Pro. It is extremely well designed and it's basic exterior appearance was designed in 2004. But, had you seen it on the bridge of the Enterprise in 1967 it you probably wouldn't have noticed it (assuming it didn't have the big apple on the side which would have made you ask "Why is there a big apple on the side of that thing?")

Here's the basic design circa 2004..

It's very TOS in that it's clean, simple, and very "form-following-function (which isn't always Apple's design mantra)
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