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Re: The Force Unleashed demo impressions

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Lastly, I absolutely loved fighting an AT-ST as a boss in the last bit of the demo. It was seriously cool - I felt like an all powerful force of nature (no pun intended) while I twatted the thing with random heavy stuff, all the while flinging stormtroopers to their deaths.

My biggest real gripe was the QTE finishing move on the AT-ST. I realise this is a staple of the genre, but frankly QTEs are shit.

Really shit.

It's just a lazy way of giving you something to do while the game engine kills the boss for you in what is essentially a mini-cutscene - which you're not able to watch, because you're concentrating on the button presses. I know QTEs split gamers right down the middle and most of you will think I'm just being nitpicky, but there it is. QTEs are crap game design imho.

Aside from that though - it's awesome and I'm definitely buying the game next month. Can't wait!
QTEs are less shit than the complete worthlessness of your Force powers in the face of the AT-ST thing. I can use the Force Grip to pull a Tie Fighter out of the sky and slam it into a group of storm troopers, but i can't use it to chuck an AT-ST over a ledge, purely because the designers have decided to designate that enemy as a Boss Monster?

Sorry, but that's crap. I don't like games that don't play by their own rules
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