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Re: If you could erase five bands from ever having existed

Happily I hate loooooooooooooads of bands so once I erase 5 from ever being, there'll be plenty left. Nickelback would be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the list but you said less obvious, so...

1. Disturbed, because they are and always have been a total joke and that joke hasn't been funny since 2001. Oooohwahahahah? Fuck off.
2. My Chemical Romance. Unlistenable, the very pit of emo and the evil that it is.
3 Metallica. They have never, ever, ever been good. Master of Puppets is the most overrated metal album in history and I'm sick of people who treat them as Metal Messiahs despite them never doing a damn thing even slightly interesting.
4. Guns n Roses, who I just wish would go away after all these years of waiting for their new album, which undoubtedly be utter crap anyway. Sweet Child 'O Mine is possibly my most hated song in history.
5. Oh this is tough. Just one more? How can I choose between Slayer, who bored me stupid live and have the worst fanbase in the world (roughly 99:1 utter twats to cool people ratio)
... or Mark Ronson, who is not a band I know but is also not a singer. He is a producer who ruins other people's songs and is also an utter **** of a person?

I'll let you all choose I think. It's simpler.
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