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Sony's PSP-3000 on its Way

Pictures of the new model PSP here.

Improvements announced so far:

- New brighter, less reflective (so you can play in brightly lit areas or outdoors more easily), more colourful screen with a faster response time. Comparison pictures here.

- Built in microphone for Skype support.

- TV-Out now supports TVs without progressive scan.

Two bundle packs have been announced so far for North America.

- The first pack contains a "Mystic Silver" PSP, a 1gb Memory Stick Pro Duo, a copy of Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, National Treasure 2 on UMD and a voucher for a copy of Echochrome to be downloaded from the PS3 or PC stores. This will cost $199.99.

- The second pack contains a Piano Black PSP, a 4gb Memory Stick Pro Duo and a voucher for Everyday Shooter to be downloaded via the PS3 or PC stores. Again, this costs $199.99.

Both packs will be available on October 14th. A third pack containing just a Piano Black PSP for $169.99 will be available later this year.

Europe is getting various bundles containing FIFA (not sure which version but presumably 2009), Harry Potter, Buzz! and Go! Communications on the 15th of October.

Australia is getting just the core pack for $299.99 AU on October 15th.
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