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Re: Quark's Bar Recipes from Las Vegas?

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Had this saved, still need to try it.

Las vegas hilton makes them this way

posted by buba @ 07:03PM, 5/25/06
First we use a 120 ounce Warp Core Bowl. You might be able to find something close a places like Pier 1 Imports or Home to Home. If you want the bubble effect you'll need some dry ice. Place a small amount of water 1 ounce on the bottom of the bowl and then pack it with ice. This will fuse the dry ice to the bottom of the bowl so it does not float to the top.

The recipe is as follows;
2 ounces Bacardi 151 Rum,
1 1/2 ounces each of Bacardi Limon, Bacardi Spice, Bacardi Select and Bacardi Light,
2 ounces of Razzmatazz or a quality Raspberry Liqueur,
Top that off with 30 ounces of a high quality berry juice. Suggestions are Snapple Aceola Berry, Sobe Power or other energy or natural beverages similar. Stay away from anything such as cranberry, it's too bitter.

And as far as I know, a James "Tea" Kirk is an Electric Iced Tea... also known as an "Adios Motherf***er", "Code Blue", "Alaska Iced Tea", etc. which is a Long Island Iced Tea with Sprite instead of Coca-Cola and utilizes blue curacao instead of triple sec.
This is the single most valuable piece of information ever posted on TrekBBS.

Thank you.
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