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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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The design is inherently 1960s, at least on an aesthetic level. The lines reek of it. I like it, you like it, most of us do. But just look at design, architecture, and aerospace engineering books of the era and it's pretty obviously mid-20th century modernist (as opposed to the combination of modern and post-modern design we currently see in new buildings on the inside and out). Sure Starfleet could be going through a retro-futurist movement in the 2240s but to a 21st century audience it'll look like old technology. Some of the spy shots seem to indicate that there's a slight 60s look to the clothes and hair, but that's different because it's more believable to a 21st-century audience that those kinds of aesthetics are cyclical. Again, we're not the only audience for this movie.
Excuse me?

Other than throwing in the term "modernist" you really haven't said anything there, have you?

Every time that this comes up, I always ask the same question as was asked of you... to define SPECIFIC THINGS which are "dated." And there has never once been a serious attempt to actually answer that.

Simply restating your premise "the design is 60s, the lines reek of it" and so on is meaningless babble, not anything that provides any further information beyond your original claim.

Everything on the 1701 was designed to look like it was something functional. Much of latter-day trek is designed to look "graphics-art cool" (the color scheme of the 1701-E is a particularly egregious example of that, but it's by no means the ONLY example of it).

If by "60s" you mean "looks functional" then by all means, GIVE US THAT GOOD OL' 60'S LOOK!

If, on the other hand, what you mean is "doesn't look like the style of the more recent Trek series" (which is usually what people saying that really mean)... then my answer is "So what? What's so spectacular about the "day-glow-LED-lighting on blobby shapes" design ethos of latter-era Trek ship design?" It's just another artistic style... maybe no WORSE than the original style, but no BETTER either.

SO... give examples, please, of what specific elements of the design you object to, and why.
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