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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)


After reading this whole thread, I went back and forth on whether or not to reply to it. I disagree so profoundly with the OP on almost every point concerning this book (which is not only one of my favourite things Christopher has written, it’s also one of the only two “post-Nemesis” books I’ve liked, the other being KRAD’s). Then it occurred to me that Dayton3 does such a good job undermining his own arguments with his own postings that I almost thought I wouldn’t bother. Then I thought that since everyone else was having a go, I wouldn’t deprive myself – and besides, I hate to see a book I like (or an author, come to that) getting picked on.

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I took T'Ryssa's lines like "O commander of my heart" and "My commandress," both on page 5, as implying that she had something going with Commander Dawn Blair.
I thought that as well, right at first, but by the time I’d got to the bottom of the page, I’d changed my mind.

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One thing that personally annoyed me about the whole story (now I've finished the novel wholesale) was that Picard wouldn't reactivate himself as Locutus because he had Beverley and that they (or she, at that point) wanted to have kids whereas he was perfectly happy for Hugh (who had Rebekah and wanted kids too) to throw himself on the sword. Hypocritical much?
As has been pointed out, Picard was hardly happy about it, and in point of fact, he at first refuses to allow Hugh to be the one to sacrifice himself. I thought that the way this whole plot thread was handled was very well done, and that Christopher did a great job showing why Picard would allow someone else to be the one to go, when it would normally seem that this would be an action Picard himself would take. Thoroughly in character throughout.

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One could make the strong argument that sex with fellow crewman (or co-workers) is damaging to the overall work environment and unit morale.
Yeah, one could. One could also argue that total celibacy is not the healthy way for humans to live, which pretty much leaves either masturbation or sex with fellow crewmen (or co-workers) as the only options for a Starfleet officer on board ship. And I don’t even want to think of the Enterprise crew in the former light (not ‘cause there’s anything wrong with it; I just don’t need that mental image, thannkyouverymuch)!

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I didn't think "Greater Than the Sum" was as bad as people have made it out to be.
Seriously, am I missing something? Are “people [making] it out to be” bad?? I’m flummoxed, because as I’ve said, I consider it to be one of the crowning glories of the TNG “relaunch” (and yes, I know it’s not really a relaunch…you know what I mean).

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I think the problem is less with how Mr. Bennett wrote the book but what he was given and forced to work with. After Star Trek: Voyager, various books, a feature film and even an appearance in Enterprise, the Borg are pretty much a tired and overused plot element in Trek.
I couldn’t agree with this any more if I tried. I can’t imagine what Margaret is thinking, devoting—what is it now, three books, almost in a row, with more on the way?—to the Borg. I mean, holy cow, enough already!

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the character of T'Ryssa who felt out of place, annoying and had about as much appeal as someone such as, say, Miley Cyrus. She grated on my nerves and I was sad to see some of these characters that were introduced in the previous books suddenly get swept under a rug. Also, the epilogue that pretty much makes the efforts/main action of the book null and void left me feeling a bit let down. I know it's been explained why the whole Crusher/Picard relationship 'moment' that kicks off the book was glossed over but these are pretty big characters - I'd rather seen their moment than to have had so many pages devoted to describing events that had already occurred or scenes showing how annoying and challenged T'Ryssa could be.
On the contrary, rather than being “swept under a rug,” I thought Kadohata was a more fully-developed character in this book than in any of the other post-Nemesis books (again, excluding KRAD’s). Heck, for all that T’Lana was barely in this book, she was still a more fully-realized character here than in all of Before Dishonor.

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I'm sorry that Starfleet doesn't suit what you want from 'Star Trek'. Reviewing your threads and posts, it's fairly obvious what you primarily want from your 'Star Trek' stories (your personal storyline for 'Destiny' as a prime example), and it's unfortunate that you can't find fulfilment from that out of what 'Star Trek' actually is. Might I suggest finding a different TV show that better suits your wants? Battlestar Galactica, perhaps?
Nah, Dayton3 wouldn’t like Galactica. Crewmen have sex with each other on that show.

Christopher wrote: View Post
So was I, to an extent. I would've really liked to have a whole book in which to rehabilitate T'Lana, but her departure had already been established in the previous book. Ya plays the cards yer dealt.
Well, as I said, I think you did better by those characters than some of the authors preceding you, so if it’s any consolation, you played the cards extremely well. (Spock: “How will playing cards help?”)

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So you haven't really enjoyed a Star Trek book in 13 years, yet you still feel the need to come on here and post about it?

I mean, I'm all for dissenting opinions, but Christ, is there honestly no better way to spend your time?
Don't get too worked up about it. He goes through some variation of this cycle every year or so. He didn't do it last year, and it screwed up my whole late summer/early fall lawn care schedule, so, personally, I'm glad he's back on the job.
That sucks, man. I hope your internal circadian rhythms are back in balance.

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When people see, say, Dagwood buttering up Mr. Dithers like that, I don't think many people would read that as flirtation.
My imagination just went to a very, very disturbing place...

"Bumstead! Get in here! And... close the door behind you..."
Well, that tears it – I’ll be having nightmares tonight….
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