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New "Babe/Hunk" Rules in Gen TV & Media

In an effort to consolidate, we're going to be opening one "Celebrity Photo" thread, which will take the place of the "Celebrity Boobs" "Celebrity Legs" and "Celebrity Butts" threads, as well as any future body parts threads (sorry, this does mean no "Celebrity Toes" thread). One thread for all the pics--both men and women photos will be posted there. Everyone is expected to drool over any pics of Gerard Butler that are posted.

Feel free to post any celebs you like, however, they must be actual celebs (and not porn stars, strippers or naked shots of mrcoaster ) and the pics have to follow the PG-13 guidelines. No naked, no bare boobs, no side boobs, no nether-regions. In the words of a good friend of mine: "Basically, if it's from a photo shoot that's been published in a magazine that doesn't require an ID to purchase, it can be posted. But if it's fully clothed, that's good, too."

The Genre Babe and Genre Hunk of the Week threads will remain, but as always, remember to stick to the PG-13 guidelines of the board.

Feel free to PM any questions, concerns or pictures of Gerard Butler (I prefer the latter) to me, but know that this is going to be the policy going forward. Thanks in advance, for your understanding and any pics of Gerard.

Your Gen TV & Media mods who love you muchly, Top41, jkladis and mrcoaster
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