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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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...but it's a true statement that the more faithful to the original it is, the more we seem to like it. I've currently got one of Vektor's renderings set up as my wallpaper at work, and people who are not Trek fans at all absolutely LOVE it.
But we're not the target audience. I'd argue that even the people that admire your wallpaper at work aren't the audience. It's people that are younger than most of us. If you're working in an office you're probably a little bit older than the target audience for this movie. This movie is for smart people to be sure, but smart people of a new generation. Every generation's idea of what the future will look like will be different, and as a result there are certain aesthetics that will probably change in futuristic science fiction.

Nicholas Meyer said something wise in one of his commentary tracks, I'm paraphrasing: No matter what time period in which a movie is set, you can usually tell, within about five years, when the film was made.

It's just a fact of art for better or worse.
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