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The Professional Wrestling Thread - SPOILERS

AKA The If You Don't Like Wrestling Sod Off And Watch Fake Sports Full of Steroid Addicts Like Baseball Instead Thank You Thread.

Instead of starting a new thread for every event (and then the results of those events) I figured I'd start a single one.

This thread may occasionally contain spoilers for events not yet broadcast in your county.

To kick things off, today's news.

- Gail Kim has inexplicably left TNA. Given that she was the pioneer of their extremely successful Knockouts division this is a big surprise.

- Smackdown will also have a Championship Scramble main event at Unforgiven. The participants will be:

- We already know that the contenders for the Raw match will be CM Punk, JBL, Kane, Batista and John Cena.

- Both Championship Scrambles will start with the champion and a single challenger in the ring. Every five minutes another challenger will enter the match. The championship will change hands with every pin-fall or submission and the person holding the championship after 20 minutes will be the official champion. Title changes during the match will not be recorded as official championship reigns (so this isn't a cheap way to get Triple H past Ric Flair).

- Steve Austin is being advertised as making an appearance at Cyber Sunday.
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