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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
And I think the reason I thought that (and I can't speak for anyone else), is that Trys flirting with Dawn Blair is one of the very first things we see her do.
That is exactly why I took it that way. I knew nothing of Trys prior to this scene, so having no prior knowledge of her or her personality that is all I had to go on. As I said in my post, as time went on I realized that was just her personality and that was not what she was doing. If I saw this scene at the end of the book I would have thought nothing of it at all.

Christopher wrote: View Post
When people see, say, Dagwood buttering up Mr. Dithers like that, I don't think many people would read that as flirtation.
But people know Dagwood, and therefore have prior knowledge to go on when he does that. If he'd done that right out of the gate before his character was really introduced, I think people would have thought "Uh.. is he gay or something?"

tenmei wrote: View Post
I didn't take that scene as construing an unseen Blair/T'Rys relationship, to be honest. I 'flirt' like that with some of my hetero male friends and it doesn't mean anything.
But you acknowledge it as 'flirtation' even if it is harmless. So to someone who doesn't know you, seeing you do that they'd think you were either hitting on that person, or in some sort of "closer" relationship with them than merely friends.
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