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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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You're arguing about personal likes and dislikes, and that's all. You can't be right, and you can't be wrong. Ditto for ST-One and everyone else.
Oh, I do like the old design. But to me it still looks dated but not bad.

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I don't actually care what the Enterprise looks like in this movie as long as it looks good and the design is intriguing. It's going to have a saucer and an engineering hull and two warp nacelles, which makes it a "Star Trek" ship as opposed to just about anything else.
Couldn't agree more.
I agree with Dennis' sentiment there as well. I love seeing new and different starships.

I LOVE seeing new, different ships. I want to see as many new ship designs as possible... especially ones that look "real" and yes, ones that deviate from the "established" style that's become so hackneyed over the years.

My only quibble is that I don't like seeing someone come along and try to "redefine" something that's already done.

Of course, none of us really know what, exactly, the various ships in the film (including, almost certainly, more than one "version" of the 1701...) will really look like. So far, all we have are a few shots from a trailer which has been put out, essentially, an entire year before the movie is to be released.

Maybe that's the ship... and the only version of the ship. Maybe it's an "earlier incarnation" and by the time we're seeing the "approaching TOS" timeframe, the ship will look much more like what we expect it to. Maybe that's an "alternative timeline" version. Maybe it's not the model to be used in the film at all, and was just something thrown together specifically for the trailer, independent of the film's production SFX team (which, honestly, is far more likely than I think anyone has realized thus far!) Maybe the bits and pieces of the model aren't supposed to look like a finished ship but is just intended to "look cool" without being "realistically" arranged (ie, the nacelle positions in the final shot might have been tweaked to make the image more "impactful").

We don't know... though there are now some people who DO know (the guys who are just now getting started on the special effects work)! Thing is, I don't think they're talking, are they?
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