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Borg Stories I Liked:
Engines of Destiny by Gene DeWeese
"The Beginning" in Strange New Worlds VI by Annie Reed
Homecoming by Christie Golden (although I don't count this as a "Borg Book")
The Farther Shore by Christie Golden (part two of Homecoming above, I don't consider this a true "Borg Book" either)
Thanks, I'll check them out.

Why don't you count those two as Borg books?

I read a bit of spoiler about Before Dishonor and Seven of Nine becoming "Seven of One" and wondered if I'd been redirected to instead.
Homecoming and The Farther Shore are more about Voyager's return to Earth than the (horrendously bad) Borg threat they encounter there. There's a lot about the (lame) Miral Paris prophecy and some (fairly bad) hologram rights stuff.

And it's Seven of the One.
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