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Re: Do Romulans Feel?

OTOH, if one believes in the idea of Romulans leaving because they didn't stomach Surak's pacifism, one can then interpret this tidbit from ENT "The Forge" in a certain way:

T'Pol: "Surak died on Mount Seleya."
Vulcan calling himself Arev: "His body, yes, but his katra was spirited away before the last battle against those who marched beneath the Raptor's wings. Those who wanted to return to the savage ways."
"Raptor's wings" is an obvious allusion to the later Romulan symbol - but of course, even if one takes this allusion for a solid fact, this doesn't mean that the people who opposed Surakian ways were the same that traveled to the stars.

Incidentally, Memory Alpha claims Surak's demise was part of the final battle where the raptor folks supposedly lost. But the actual phrasing suggests that Surak died before that battle. Days before? Years before? Decades before? Centuries before? Everything is possible.

Diane Duane's novels suggest Surak died in an attempt to mediate peace, far away from home and thus supposedly far away from Mount Seleya. The flashbacks from ENT "The Awakening" don't necessarily contradict this claim, as Surak is shown dying of radiation poisoning. He may have been poisoned during his diplomatic visit, only to die at return to his ancestral lands.

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