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Re: "Superman Returns Again" still in limbo...

Kevin Spacey has spoken; he's ready for the sequel.

Now that the Bat-mania surrounding “The Dark Knight” is finally beginning to settle, fans are beginning to look towards the Man of Steel, and asking where the next film in the “Superman” franchise is…or if there will even be a franchise, that is.’s Anne Thompson just posted a vague update as to the film’s status, basically saying what fans and even some pro comic writers have been asking for all along — scrap the 2004 attempt and start fresh (hey, it kinda worked for “Hulk”). According to Thompson, rumor has it that “Superman” is priority #1 at Warner Bros., and although Bryan Singer is still attached to the project, he could find himself out if delivers another half-hearted attempt that Thompson labeled, “didn’t break the mold and wound up in some kind of middle limbo.”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive MTV interview with “Superman Returns” star Kevin Spacey, interest in returning to his Lex Luthor character remains high.

“Doing Lex Luthor was a remarkable experience. It was so much fun and such an iconic part,” he said. “Falling on the steps of Gene Hackman was a very, very big pair of shoes to fill, but I hope I get a chance to do a second one if they pull it off.”

The problem remains the script, which Spacey elaborated, “[Warner Bros. are] taking pitches, and I don’t know when they’re gonna find one that they really like, whether it’s gonna happen next year or the year after, but I know that their intention is to do it.” The wait could be a much longer one than Spacey anticipates, since Thompson also pointed out that there are currently no writers working on a “Superman” script.

So what say you, Big Blue fans? Think Singer can pull off a proper sequel, or is a clean slate approach sound like the best plan? Speak your mind in the comments.
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