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Re: Stargate Atlantis CANCELLED

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
From SyFy, and I've been wondering when the dollar's slide would start hitting Vancouver productions:

Mallozzi, the "Atlantis" show runner, has stated in his blog that five years may be the limit for franchise shows in the future. He cited the fact that the rising Canadian dollar versus the U.S. dollar is becoming an expensive way to make Vancouver-produced shows like those in the "Stargate" family.
The ratings were decent, so it must be the exchange rate that was the nail in the coffin.
I can understand that that might make Canadian shows more expensive but why does this specifically limit them to 5-year runs?

I figured the reason why Stargate SG-1 got cancelled when it did was because MGM had to keep upping the license fee to pay for Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, & Michael Shanks to keep them interested. Around the end of Season 10, Shanks seemed to be making grumblings about leaving again anyway.

BTW, what's the status on that angels show that Judge & Shanks were working on.

NX_01 Mark wrote: View Post
If MGM pulled the plug then thats due to the new owners who took over it a while back, didn't Sony buy out MGM?
They bought a significant interest but not a controlling interest. Since then, the other owners at MGM have tried to reassert its independence. That's why the new DVDs are being put out by 20th Century Fox instead of Sony. I've also heard that Columbia's association with the James Bond franchise will end after The Quantum of Solace this year.
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