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Are there any Borg novels that don't read like crappy fanfiction with Captain Mary Sue T. Kirk?

Or is Vendetta the only other Borg novel that's ever been written?
Borg Stories I Liked:
Engines of Destiny by Gene DeWeese
"The Beginning" in Strange New Worlds VI by Annie Reed
Homecoming by Christie Golden (although I don't count this as a "Borg Book")
The Farther Shore by Christie Golden (part two of Homecoming above, I don't consider this a true "Borg Book" either)

Borg Stories I thought were average:
TNG: Resistance by JM Dillard
"Forgotten Light" in Strange New Worlds VII by Frederick Kim
"The Worst of Both Worlds" in Mirror Universe: Glass Empires by Greg Cox (mirror universe Borg)

Borg Story I didn't like:
TNG: Before Dishonor by Peter David (this is actually a followup to Vendetta, so I'm told -- I haven't actually read Vendetta)
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