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Re: Stargate Atlantis CANCELLED

My reaction, sadly, was the same as when the word came that Enterprise was cancelled in season 3, namely, "Oh, thank God, now they can do it right." In Enterprise's case, that would be in the novels, and in Atlantis's case, it'll be with the DVD movies (which I've quite enjoyed). Season 4 was the weakest year of Stargate, and the episodes that have aired so far in season 5 are all right, but haven't been enough of a turnaround to really get me fired up. Now, hopefully, the show will continue to get its footing back, and the next fifteen episodes will be so mind-blowing that, by the end of the season, I'll be sure they've gotten their mojo back and regret that the series isn't going to continue (as I was when Enterprise was actually cancelled, in season 4). As it is, though, I think giving them some time to recharge their batteries, and a large enough budget that they lose their irrational fear of actually using the damn stargate once in a while (I don't even need "romancing the gate," just show the thing turn on more than twice a season) is the best possible outcome.
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