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Stargate Atlantis CANCELLED

According to Multichannel News, Stargate Atlantis will end it's run on SciFi at the conclusion of season 5. According to the same source, a 2 hour TV movie will be made next year to air on SciFi, followed by it's DVD release.

Stargate Atlantis Ends Sci Fi First Run After Season 5

By Kent Gibbons -- Multichannel News, 8/20/2008 5:59:00 PM

Space drama Stargate Atlantis will conclude its run on Sci Fi Channel after the current, fifth season ends next January -- but the network has greenlit a two-hour Atlantis movie to run after that and says the show will live on as a network franchise.

After airing on Sci Fi sometime next year, the untitled Atlantis movie will be sold as a home-video title by producer MGM, Sci Fi told Multichannel News on Wednesday.
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