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Re: Why No 1960s Batman TV Series on VHS, DVD, etc.?

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In my experience, the Adam West Batman is a show that you love as a serious adventure series when you're a kid, then dismiss as silly and campy when you reach adolescence and want to take everything seriously, then love again when you're fully grown up and finally figure out that it was a sitcom and was intentionally silly and campy, not to mention quite clever and subversive at times.
My experience exactly, though I haven't had the opportunity to revisit more than the theatrical film as an adult. I absolutely worshipped this show in my mid-single digits...there was literally nothing cooler or more exciting in the world to me then. Then the long years when I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Recently, I bought the movie from a bargain bin for the hell of it, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now I can once again appreciate the fact that this series, and this series alone, is responsible for having started my lifelong obsession with super-hero comics.

I'm curious to know if anyone else had the same experience--Was the Batman TV show primarily responsible for getting you into comics?

It may have been the reason I got into comics.

But, like you, as a kid it was MUST WATCH TV...I saw it in repeats and it was appointment watching. It was awesome fun adventure.
Plus - Let us never forget - it produced some of the coolest vehicles ever seen on the screen, including the car. When I was a kid, and I saw the 66 Batmobile on TV, I knew for a fact that evil could never win. To paraphrase Kevin Conroy : Growing up, he was my hero. He still is.
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