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Re: Why No 1960s Batman TV Series on VHS, DVD, etc.?

In my experience, the Adam West Batman is a show that you love as a serious adventure series when you're a kid, then dismiss as silly and campy when you reach adolescence and want to take everything seriously, then love again when you're fully grown up and finally figure out that it was a sitcom and was intentionally silly and campy, not to mention quite clever and subversive at times. Unless you're a comic-book geek who takes Batman way too seriously and insists on ignoring the historical reality that the character hasn't always been a grim avenger of the night.

As a sitcom, Batman was brilliantly original. People love to put down the weird and fanciful sitcoms of the '60s, shows like this and Gilligan's Island and My Favorite Martian, but at least they weren't just the thousandth sitcom in a row about a working schlub with a wife and cute kids or a teacher and his class of misfits or a bunch of young single friends hanging out together and talking incessantly about sex. Sitcoms today rarely have the originality they had in the '60s, and Batman was one of the most distinctive and unusual sitcoms ever created. It also had impressive production values and casting.
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