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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Seriously, see if you can find any other SF ship model in the ffing Smithsonian or any other science museum.


I find the concept of a redesign of a starship that the greatest scientific minds of the world find good enough to hang in a museum of science monumentally arrogant.
Having worked in a science museum I can tell you that there definitely is a disconnect between "great scientific minds" and museum administrative personnel. People who run museums (and sadly this is increasingly the case), care primarily about admission sales and science second. Besides, it's not like the 1701 actually flew through space. The science behind it was designed to be plausible not factual. It was designed to be an inspiration of what could be accomplished with international scientific cooperation. It's a symbol, nothing more. To that end the model of the Enterprise is entirely appropriate. Whatever the new Enterprise looks like that's all it will be too. To get the point across to a new generation, changes may need to be made.
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