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Re: you're in charge of Stargate: what do you do?

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I'd have Keller hooking up with people on the base because she likes to have fun. A party girl who can be a competent doctor is an interesting place to take a character.
Well, outside of the fact that it would continue her notorious reputation of being a mattress, wouldn't that be completely opposite of what's already been established about her character? Maybe she and Hoshi were roommates.
Exactly. What's been established for Keller so far is completely uninteresting to watch unfold. She's so flavorless. I'd give her sex as a vice. Like Starbuck without the alcoholism and dysfunction. She's the only sci-fi example of a female Kirk I can think of (Jadzia Dax's Kirking happened offscreen) and I find the 'Gates writing of women characters to be so off and pedestrian. As the new showrunner, I'd make sure Keller is written as an adult.
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