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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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People have been complaining that they want the Enterprise\Bridge\uniforms to look like they did on TOS. Here is visual evidence that improving it and mondernizing it is a great thing and why I feel it will be a great looking film at the very least.
Oh, wow, now we're going to equate the "re-design" of a car built for campy parody into an actual functional, realistic car for a realistic movie to the redesign of one of the greatest and more magnificently designed starships in the history of SF and mankind, and a new movie that is NOT a reboot, as the show was never a parody.

Seriously, see if you can find any other SF ship model in the ffing Smithsonian or any other science museum.


I find the concept of a redesign of a starship that the greatest scientific minds of the world find good enough to hang in a museum of science monumentally arrogant.
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