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Re: "Superman Returns Again" still in limbo...

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If they do a reboot then Routh has to go in my opinion. Keeping him but casting a new Lois and dropping Jason would be too discordant and it would seriously muddy the clean break WB would need in marketing terms for a Superman relaunch.
I think there's at least as much risk in asking audiences to accept yet another new set of actors in the next Superman film. Rebooting with the cast of SR might sound risky right now, but I'll bet that audiences can make the leap, especially if the new film has a better script.
Agreed. In fact, I don't really see how a SR2 would be any less a reboot than a "Superman Begins." Yeah there would be this son of Lois and Superman's in the background, but I doubt we'd see much of him anyway. For the most part what we'd be looking at is a new set of actors, a new design and style from the previous movies, and a new story and villain.

Personally, that's enough of a reboot for me. No reason to scrap the whole thing just to get rid of one little kid that some fans don't like.
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