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Re: "Superman Returns Again" still in limbo...

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I'm inclined to believe it was finding what they thought to be a bankable script with a competent and capable director that held the movie up and not a suitable enough actor.
It was all of the above. They searched through thousands of actors in the process of trying to jumpstart the franchise. Brett Ratner left the film because he had difficulties with producer Jon Peters and because he wanted an unknown when the studio and Peters wanted someone like Josh Hartnett. McG had location problems (he didn't want to shoot the film overseas because he was afraid of flying) but he couldn't settle on an actor. It wasn't until Singer that he finally had an actor that he knew he wanted, and unlike last time WB just conceded and let him cast Routh.

Originally Posted by Bad Bishop
I think there's at least as much risk in asking audiences to accept yet another new set of actors in the next Superman film. Rebooting with the cast of SR might sound risky right now, but I'll bet that audiences can make the leap, especially if the new film has a better script.
I agree. I had the same problem with Hulk. Why couldn't they have just did a loose sequel with a different creative crew but same cast? You can do a sequel, choose and pick what you want to include, hire whoever you want behind the camera and stick with Routh, Bosworth and co. It's much more of a stretch to get all new actors than to just stick to what worked before.

Originally Posted by Out Of My Vulcan Mind
Not that long actually. Superman Returns was made in fairly short order once Singer signed on. So Routh was found in a pretty quick talent search. Previous projects, that ended up being canceled, had been more oriented towards signing an established star. It's a fallacy that it would necessarily require a very long, difficult search to find a new actor to play Superman. As long as the producers and director, whoever they may be, had their heads screwed on straight (as opposed to thinking that Nicolas Cage would be a good Superman) then there's no reason why a suitable new actor couldn't be found in good order.
No. Brett Ratner wanted an unknown, he found an actor in Matthew Boomer, but WB did not want an unknown. McG looked through many established and unknowns and hadn't yet decided before he was let go of the project. It was the indecisiveness between the director and the studio that kept an actor from being cast. People forget that when Singer came onboard WB came him cart blanche basically. And Routh was so easily chosen because he was a candidate for McG, and Singer reviewed all the actors that the previous directors auditioned. WB gave him the creative control that he didn't get on the X-Men movies and that WB didn't give Ratner or McG, which is partially why Singer jumped ship so damn quickly (the deal for Singer to direct was made in 72 hours).
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