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Re: Destiny: What we know - major spoilers may feature

I saved the announcements about Destiny Mr. Mack posted here and maybe it is a good idea to copy and paste them into this thread:

Destiny News

Ezri Dax will hold the rank and position of captain aboard the U.S.S. Aventine. She will have attained this position in such a seemingly brief time since her switch to the command track as the consequence of a battlefield promotion.

As Keith DeCandido posted elsewhere, the ships of the Vesta class are named for the seven hills of ancient Rome. Vesta was the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. There is no direct link between the class name and the names of the ships; the theme, if any, is merely one of names related to ancient Rome. I did not name the other ships of the class, however; Keith does, in A Singular Destiny.

At the request of editor Marco Palmieri, I borrowed only selected characters from the post-TV Deep Space Nine books.

Samaritan "Sam" Bowers will come aboard the Aventine as Captain Dax's first officer. Dr. Simon Tarses will serve as her CMO. Mikaela Leishman, now a lieutenant, will transfer from the Defiant to be the Aventine's chief engineer.

We will hear mention of Shar, but won't see him. No other DS9 characters will be part of the Destiny trilogy, and the specific resolution of several ongoing DS9 storylines will in no way be revealed or spoiled by the trilogy.

We will see at the very least cameos from every other 24th-century incarnation of TrekLit in the trilogy. Ships and characters from New Frontier, Corps of Engineers, I.K.S. Gorkon/Klingon Empire, and Voyager will play their parts in the tale.

For those of you who are fans of Keith DeCandido's novel Articles of the Federation, rest assured: President Bacco and her administration will play a significant role in the trilogy (not so much in book one, but definitely in books two and three).

Yes, the Borg are in it. But this is not just another "battle with the Borg" book. If it were, I would not have spent nearly 18 months of my life working on it.

Let me put it this way, and then I'll say no more on the subject until after all three books are out: We have, up until now, never seen an actual Borg invasion.

Picard's first encounter with the Borg at System J-25? An incident. The Battle of Wolf 359? Incident. The Collective's two failed sorties against Earth (in "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2," and the Battle of Sector 001 in First Contact)? Incidents.

You've never seen a bona fide Borg invasion….

This is as much detail as I'm willing to share publicly at this stage, so I'm not likely to answer any followup questions, except with maddeningly vague statements. Just FYI.
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