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Re: Eureka - "I Do Over" (spoilers)

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Anybody else getting frustrated with skiffy's overuse of the advertisement "It's the END for somebody and EVERYTHING changes!"
As soon as I figured out it was a time-loop episode, I assumed that they'd kill any number of characters in one loop or another. Looks like I was wrong.

Of course, I also assumed that Jack would take advantage of one loop to raise objections as to why these two should not be wed.

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Yeah, the Degree product placements are annoying, but they're not too obvious (except for the shirt a couple of weeks ago). The actual commercials are hideous. Thank God for TiVo.
Yeah I suppose they could of had that 2-3 second close up of Carter grabbing the Degree every single time the day restarted instead of just the first few times.
I thought it was amusing that they were able to reuse the same shot for multiple product placements.
What do you mean, ironic?
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