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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

William Leisner wrote: View Post
Trys, when she isn't cracking jokes or enjoying her off-duty time in the company of gentlemen friends, does actually know her shit, and is a perfectly competent science officer -- verging on above average when she puts her mind to it. She's a bit like Reg Barclay, with different and (much, much) fewer neuroses, who was bumped from ship to ship until he ended up with a superior officer who was willing to put in the extra effort and overlook his idiosyncracies.
I completely agree although I agree that in spite of being a professional, she is immature. For a human, being 26 is young but for a human/Vulcan, 26 is even younger. Vulcans don`t mature quickly and I immediately saw Trys as a valuable officer but with the maturity of an immature teenager.

I agree that with the right guidance, patience and work on her part Trys will become an excellent officer. I like her a lot as I already said in the review I posted here and I really hope she will stay around.
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