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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Well, I think its clear that we're going to see a not completely redesigned but an updated Enterprise. From what I could tell from the teaser trailer it's probably going to be a bit curvier. We already know its not using the same font for the name on the ship.
Actually, what we know is that they used the font used in the Franz Joseph stuff on the hull.

Which MIGHT have been done for a reason... other than "we want to make random changes."
Is that the same font they used in the movies? It looks different compared to what I remember. Reminds me of Helvetica
Actually, FJ used "Microgramma," "Microgramma Extended" and "Microgramma Bold Extended" for virtually everything in his TM.

When TMP came along, they came up with a modified version of Microgramma Bold Extended (which is informally called "Starfleet Bold Extended." They used Microgramma quite a bit as well, but the hull markings were modified versions of Microgramma Bold Extended with a red outline.

You may very well have the Microgramma fonts on your computer today. If not, they're easy to find.

"Starfleet Bold Extended" exists in a series of fonts you can find online... most of which are simply modifications of the Microgramma Bold Extended font (as you'd expect).

The original series markings were a machine block font which was used on virtually all Air Force and NASA vessels at the time. It's a little harder to find that font (I ended up buying a version of it... first and only time I'll ever pay for a font, too... but I wanted the EXACT font, not just something "close enough.")

I like the original markings... they're easier to read from a distance than the later font was. Which, you'd think, would be the MAIN CONCERN with hull markings, wouldn't you?

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