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Re: How's the Summer Movie Season going for you?

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Iron Man: A
Prince Caspian: B-
Indiana Jones: B+
The Incredible Hulk: B+
Get Smart: B
Wanted: C
Wall*E: B
Journey to Center of Earth: B+
Hellboy 2:The Golden Army: A-
The Dark Knight: A+
Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: B- (see my review thread in SF&F)
X-Files:I Want to Believe: C
Pineapple Express: B
Tropic Thunder: B (Tom Cruise's 15 combined minutes are really,really good)
Death Race: B

Its only a "B" because it excelled at what it was suppossed to be, a no brainer action car flick. It delivered what the ads said it would be about and didn't pretend to be anything more. A few cheesy lines, but not overly done like Mummy 3, and one bad monologue from Joan Allens character Hennessy keep me from taking it higher.

Its an entertaining enough movie and if I didn't have free passes wouldn't have gone other wise. I'd have Netflixed it and that may just be the best place for this.

Its fun, just not $10 justifiable fun.
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