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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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Oh please.

By any rational standard,


I don't care if Gene Roddenberry denies it.

I don't care if Rick Berman denies it.

I don't care if 100 writers deny it.

Starfleet features

1) A complete military command structure lifted whole cloth from the U.S. Navy.

2) Officers keep immensely powerful personal sidearms in their quarters.

3) Their ships carry weapons in the multi megaton destructive range.

If anyone can name a "science & exploration organization" anytime in human history that featured the three above, feel free to mention them.
I find it charming, how you feel you know how Star Trek works better than its creators.
QFT. If every person who receives a pay-check for putting words to paper (that then get printed or translated by acctors onto screen) says that Starfleet is not a military organisation, but an organisation dedicated to science and exploration which has elements of military structure, then that's what it is.

They've called it a rock. They've described it as a rock. They've thrown it across the room to see if it acts like a rock. It's a rock. We've seen the conflict within Starfleet over their mission tested and prodded with a stick, and so I find it a believable organisation. You can't just deny how the writers have created Starfleet, otherwise your personal version of the 'Star Trek' universe includes very few of the episodes (probably limited to the Dominion War, minus all the exploration episodes and the parts where they lament how military Starfleet has become) and books.

I don't understand why it's so out of the question, when we gladly accept warp drives, Cardassians and time travel, that in three hundred years the organisational structures of our society would have evolved to be able to accommodate an organisation whose primary goal was not a military one, but who could serve a military purposes. Who cares whether it has precedent in history? We're exploring the future!!

I'm sorry that Starfleet doesn't suit what you want from 'Star Trek'. Reviewing your threads and posts, it's fairly obvious what you primarily want from your 'Star Trek' stories (your personal storyline for 'Destiny' as a prime example), and it's unfortunate that you can't find fulfilment from that out of what 'Star Trek' actually is. Might I suggest finding a different TV show that better suits your wants? Battlestar Galactica, perhaps?
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