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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

Cary L. wrote:
HAHAHA You OWN the OP! That is THE PERFECT Batman and Sandy Collora genius in making it happen!

Now, on to that post about Yoda. The muppet in TPM is done with similar techniques but was designed to look younger and everyone thought it looked bizarre and wrong. It did!

Sorry but the muppet in Empire is still the gold standard for Yoda. Like the rest of those films the painfully CG cartoon Yodas in Ep 2 & 3 are *not* convincing and lack the warmth of the original.

I hated the Tumbler before Batman Begins but it worked *in context.* There's nothing wrong with the Adam West Batman or Batmobile because it was appropriate for the tone and tenor of the show. Of the films autos, I generally prefer that 1989 Burton Batmobile version.
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