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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

I'm not completely apt at making multiple posts from mutiple posts but I am going to try and address a few issues which have popped up while Iive been gone.

tenmei: Thats a good point about saying what we thought could be better a story could be construded as story ideas which is frowned upon (with good reason) but if you stating those after the event, which a review often is can still be classified under that?

Steve Roby: Thats the logic I was using as well when commenting on what Dayton3 had said: I understand we are all different and that we all have our own opinions etc etc, but it really does annoy me when a person makes a comment about how sex is wrong out of wed lock (for example) because a book which is in one version or another been around for 2000 years which to be honest, there is no verafiable truth that these events happened says it's wrong. But then again, the other side of the coin (which I believe) is that sex is great under the right circumstances and with the right person, so screw what some ex nazi in the Vatican has to say on the matter.

Dayton3: I know according to Thine Own Self, to become a bridge officer and the rank of Commander, you must be willing to order a member of crew under your command to there potential death and given Jean Lucs history with the Borg, do you think he would willingly order a crew member to be assimilated and infect the Borg when he knew that he could very well do that himself knowing that he might very well destroy the Borg threat.

As for sex with a fellow crew member, on a much smaller compliment, it may cause problems if things went pair shaped, but with a crew of over eight hundred, unless they were in the same department, I doubt it would cause a problem as they are all adults.
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