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Re: Britons Rejoice - eBooks are coming

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Well Jon's comments on carrying books around were directed at me and I happen to agree with him. Having an eBook reader is a fair bit more convenient than carrying books around. Especially as I get a bit annoying when my books get creased and frayed from bouncing around in a bag.
Had I vast amounts of money, I'd have imported a Kindle already. But for someone on a modest income, the initial cost of 200, plus re-buying any book I already owned I wanted to read on it, with practically no saving on new books... Hell forget all the rest, 200 alone is too much for a slight increase in convenience. It's the price of 40 books.
Take the book Forged in Fire. The list price is $7.99. The eBook price is $5.19. Now take 15% off the cost of the pBook and with no sales tax, you get $6.79. That's a difference of $1.60. Now if you have to add sales tax and/or shipping, that increases the price even more for the pBook while the eBook stays the same. So eventually, you would save enough money to have paid for the reader.
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